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Gravure idol from the past Yoko Kumada, who works at a hostess club, is being divorced after domestic abuse

Yoko Kumada, a 39-year-old gravure model, and star is “working” at a Ginza luxury hostess club. In a way, yes. The original press coverage was a little deceptive. Last month, Kumada's entrepreneur husband was detained for abusing her, allegedly punching her in the face, but was freed two days later without prosecution. She has stated that she intends to file for divorce, while there are allegations that the incident was sparked by her husband's suspicions of her adultery, which could further complicate matters. She has three small children with her hubby. 
On Instagram, she posted a photo of herself wearing a kimono and wearing a lot of makeup. She was due to work that day at Nanae, a prestigious Ginza nightclub. She documented a "one-day experience" working as a mama (female manager) at a nightclub and entertaining male patrons. The video, which was posted on her popular YouTube channel after her husband's incarceration, sparked suspicion that this would be her new source of income. Nana's own YouTube channel featured Kumada in action, including this video of her getting her hair done and transforming into a kimono-clad mama-san.

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