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39-year-old Misumi Shiochi takes off her clothes for a new photo book

The older we get, the more conservative we get. Misumi Shiochi gets naughtier as she gets older. The 39-year-old jukujo and former TV announcer has firmly established herself in the gravure industry as the current ara-four (“around 40”) lady of the moment with whom men want to sleep, perhaps especially if they are of similar ages. Her most recent photo shoot reveals her G-cup breasts (but not her nipples), as well as some wonderful views of her ass and bare back. She's done semi-naked shoots before, displaying her buttocks and side boobs, but these are fantastic contributions to her illustrious career. Dare we assume that if this is what she's doing at 39, she'll do a full-frontal photo at 40? In June 2022, she will reach that milestone.


img Bryan01
2021-09-16 16:27:54
img Jess
2021-09-16 02:24:45
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