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Clash! - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 2 Summary and Recap

In this episode, Venkatesh took them to a train station. They get to experience the jam packed train situation which is a normal thing in Mumbai. After the experience, they get to drink beer to quench their thirst. That night inside the girls’ room, Depparin was saying something about Tomu. She said that she noticed how Tomu was always talking about behind-the-scenes stuff. Mao also said that she can’t enjoy a conversation with him. Depparin got an idea and decided to have a talk with him. The studio commentators said that it’s a bad idea. But it didn’t stop there. The women called over Tomu. He took all the comments and held it in. After a while, he decided to talk alone to Depparin. He also became honest of what he sees and confronted her about her use of strong language. They got into a heated discussion that almost sent Tomu walking out. She said don't go anywhere and say what he has to say. In the end, he just apologized and was ready to go. Depparin stood in his way and told him to say everything in her face. He just said that next time, she should use kinder language especially when drunk. Depparin also said that Moa has her issues too so she decided to call her out and let her speak. Moa went out and she spoke her mind about the issue. Afterwards, they went to the rest of the male members and talked to them as well. Meanwhile, Isamuchan who seems to be disoriented with the situation, apologized even though he did not do anything wrong. When said that it wasn’t his fault but Tomu’s, he seemed to be more confused. After all that commotion, they all apologized to the crew. In an interview, Tomu cried in front of the staff saying that he mustered up the courage to say everything. He was greatly affected by the situation that he wrote in his diary “i wish i was dead”. (Poor Tomu) 


The next morning, Tomu was in front of the hotel entrance and seemed to be waiting for someone. It was Depparin who arrived and once again, he apologized for what happened. He didn’t intend for everything to happen like that and he couldn’t help but cry. Depparin comforted him and told him to stop crying. She also said that she was at fault for driving him in a corner. They made up and had a fist bump. Aalso that day, they visited a dance school. India is known for Bollywood so it’s good that they got to experience that. The following day, Isamuchan and Yuuchan were seated together inside the wagon. They were playing tongue twisters and they both seemed to be having fun. That afternoon, they got to see Dr. Morimori in his natural habitat: a clinic. He did a simple check up for all of the members. After a while, Depparin went to talk to the staff inside the wagon. She said she was bothered by seeing her polaroid with Akira. Then, she also opened up to them that Dr. Morimori kinda reminds her of Akira. They kinda look alike and sounded pretty much the same. Even though it is against the rules, she removed the picture and burned it afterwards. That night inside the wagon, luck was in kind of Depparin as she get to use Dr. Morimori’s shoulders as a pillow. He even sang her a lullaby! The next day, they went to a place where Mallakhamb, a sport where you do magnificent poses using a pole, is taking place. They all went to try the sport. The male members changed into the costume and the girls were laughing. The first member who got to try the pole was Isamuchan and he unbelievably did a  pretty good job. But while doing another pose, he had a wardrobe malfunction. Afterwards, they get to enjoy swimming in the beach. However, while they were swimming, Moa was groped underwater. (WTF!!!!) She couldn’t help but cry. In the wagon going back to the hotel, Yuuchan and Isamuchan had a talk about their families. They realized that they have a lot of similarities. 

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