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A Fresh Start and a Comeback! - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 1 Summary and Recap

Another season has begun! Ainori Love Wagon Season 2 will fill us with another excitement and heartaches as well! I’m looking forward to another rollercoaster of emotions. With that, let’s start the first episode. Before the start of the second season, there were over 6,500 applicants who wished to be on the show. And to the staff’s shock, they saw Depparin’s picture within the applicants. When she was in the audition, she was asked by the crew what happened and said that what happened in the last season wasn’t true love. Tomu and Yuuchan came back for the second season. Kanya couldn’t because of personal reasons (see my spoiler post). With that, the seven new members (with the returning ones) were chosen. The first country that they are going to tour is in India. Tomu and Yuuchan were among the members who arrived early. They walked around to find the Wagon and they saw it immediately with their driver, Venkatesh. After driving around, they found the two new male members: Myanmar, a university student and Dr. Morimori, a doctor. (WOW?!). They boarded the wagon and drove around for another 15 minutes before finding the last male member: Isamuchan, a mangaka assistant. After that, they drove for 30 minutes and welcomed the first new female member: Moa, a part-time bartender from Osaka. The six of them went to eat lunch first and they had curry. Just as when they were talking about the past season of Ainori, Depparin showed up and joined them. They were all surprised. 


They were given 1,200 yen each per day as a spending budget during the trip. The first destination they visited was Mumbai. In an interview, Depparin shared how she became ready for the trip. She brought extra ropes for hanging the laundry and extra shampoo since in the last season, she said that what they brought wasn’t enough. She said that she had become considerate of others and is now a high-average. That night, they went to drink beer in commemoration of their first trip together. Over drinks, Depparin shared what happened to her and Akira. She said that they were in a long distance relationship and Akira kept on demanding updates and that became a pain. Then, she forgot to text him on his birthday and they fought and broke up. The following day, their driver took them to a giant outdoor laundry that has been there for over 130 years. They even got to experience doing the laundry. In the girls room, they helped Yuuchan make her voice louder. In an interview, she said that she wants to be like Depparin. The next morning, inside the wagon, Yuuchan and Isamuchan sat together. Since both were inexperienced in love, they chatted like normal. The studio commentators saw it as a budding romance. That night, Isamuchan went to write in his diary and declared that he had fallen in love! 

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