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Why burden a worn-out samurai just for a smile? - Scabbard Samurai

Nomi Kanjuro (Takaaki Nomi) is a masterless samurai on the run after permanently laying down his sword. Tae, his feisty 9-year-old daughter, is accompanying him (Sea Kumada). Nomi Kanjuro is soon the target of a bounty, and three assassins are dispatched to do the job.


When Nomi Kanjuro is finally apprehended and brought before the local feudal lord (Jun Kunimura), he is presented with a choice. Since his mother's death, a young prince has been in mourning. Nobody has been able to bring a smile to the boy's face. Nomi has 30 days to try to make the boy happy, or he must commit seppuku (suicide).

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